Made in Italy indicates that the product is completely designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy, and more precisely:
  • Manufactured entirely in Italy
  • Raw materials and components and quality Italian only first hand
  • Models and the design of the firm's own
  • Adoption of processing traditional and typical Italian
  • Products are coply with the requirements of applicable regulations
But this is only the beginning.
Made in Italy is a trademark used since 1980 and internationally indicates the uniqueness of Italy and its industrial tradition and great attention to details. From research studies, "Made in Italy", after "Coca-Cola" and "Visa", is the third brand in the world. During the 1980’s, it begun a process of defense and recovery of such products, in order to counteract imitations, forgery and counterfeiting of such excellence, ranging from food to fashion, from cars to various machinery and ships.
Over time, the Italian products have gained fame and prestige, and now as then, "Made in Italy", implies refinement, attention to details, quality selection of materials, and above all, the "good taste", a lot of imagination and durability.
Italian regulations are very restrictive in determining what qualifies a product to be labeled "Made in Italy", for this reason from SEP 25 2009, Made in Italy and its features are protected by law (Law 135, 166), and any abuse is punished by law.
Made in Italy guarantee that a product is imbued with the true essence of Italy: Art and Beauty.


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