We are proud of our product!

We are an Italian company, the only one at national and international level, which produces, assembles and sells, this type of grill which is completely made in Italy.

DoroGrill cooks and bake healthy, both small quantities as well as large quantities of meat or vegetables simultaneously, highlighting the food taste without danger of contamination with carcinogenic substances.

This original idea belongs to a business man who, after 6 years of theoretical and practical tests, made the first prototype of this product. After more research at international level he decided the submission of the application for a Patent in Italy and all over the World.

At this point the prototype has been improved and has been implemented in production.

DoroGrill can be used with ease also inside of housing, by connecting the exhaust tube of the smoke and leaving a clearance from the around the room.


Technical features makes it an ideal grill for everyone, experts or less experts.


European Patent N° EP2888978 & US Patent Application NO. 14/577,119



Powerful features makes Dorogrill standout from the crowd.